Starr King Elementary School
Mandarin Emersion and General Education

Public · K-5 · 238 students
1215 Carolina St. San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 695-5797|

Daniel Webster Elementary School 

(Mission Bay SFUSD Attendance school)
Spanish Emersion and General Education

Public · K-5 · 174 students
465 Missouri St. San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 695-5787 MOVED TILL 2016-17

Bessie Carmichael/Fec School
Philippine Emersion and General Education

Public · K-8 · 580 students
375 Seventh St. San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 355-6916|

Live Oak School
Private · K-8 · 252 students
1555 Mariposa St San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 861-8840|


Downtown High School
Public · 9-12 · 261 students
693 Vermont St. San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 695-5860

New Mission Bay School ?

There is a school site planed in Mission Bay. See the map on the Mission Bay page. The SFUSD has till the year 2027 to commit to building on the site. We will update the site as new news in announced.

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Looking for a school?

If you have questions and want to talk to someone about your options feel free to contact MBFamilies@gmail.com.


UCSF Child Care-Mission Bay
Preschool · 60 students
1555 6th St San Francisco, CA 94158
(415) 255-7954

Friends of Potrero Hill Nursery
Preschool · 20 students
1215 Carolina St San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 864-5464

Cleo Wallace Child Development Center
Preschool · 35 students
71 Turner Terrace San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 282-6300

Yoey Child Development Center
Preschool · 50 students
45 Cleveland St San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 241-6313

Mission HD St.-Mission Bay Child Development Center
Preschool · 40 students
152 Berry St San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 856-0650

**Like Mission Bay the information in the new site is a work in progress!**

If you have new or updated information we would love to hear from you.

   There are over 15,000 residents in Mission Bay, including many couples and families with children, but there currently are no elementary, middle or high schools, public or private, in the Mission Bay area; and;

   Demographic projections show that SFUSD enrollment is expected to grow by somewhere between 7,264 and 14,037 students by 2028 based on current and new housing; and

   Approximately 1,344 new students are expected in the South of Market area between by 2021, which is the largest growth of any neighborhood in San Francisco during that time period; and

    The Mission Bay North and South Redevelopment Project Areas were established in 1998.  7,000 housing units are anticipated in this area, of which more than half have already been built.  About 30% of the units will be affordable units; and

    As a part of the plan, Parcel 14 is designated to SFUSD and the City and County of San Francisco by UCSF at no cost, including .7 acres designated for a school to be developed by SFUSD; and

   Parcel 14 is adjacent to UC San Francisco, parks, housing, and public transportation, and sits in the middle of Mission Bay, which has become a hub for innovation, learning, and technology; and

   Parcel 14 is to be conveyed to SFUSD at no cost when two conditions were met:  (1) Building permits issued for 3,200 residents, and (2) SFUSD certifies that it is “ready, willing and able to commence construction” of a school; and

    If the City and County of San Francisco and SFUSD fail to accept Parcel 14 by 2027, it will revert to UCSF and be developed by UCSF as a public space; and

    There is huge support and excitement for a school in Mission Bay among residents, businesses, institutions, and families; and

    Public schools help to add to the neighborhood vitality and character, and ensure that a neighborhood is welcoming for families and children; and

   A School Improvement General Obligation Bond passed by the voters of San Francisco in November 2016, included the following language: “The District may acquire, construct, furnish and equip new school facilities at one or more sites.  The location of these sites shall be determined by the Board of Education and may include new schools in Mission Bay and the Bayview; and

    The Bond set aside $100 million for the construction of new school facilities, and the Board of Education’s intent was that these funds be used, in part, to build a school in Mission Bay; and

    The Board of Education calls on the Superintendent to consider all viable possibilities and options for the site, including full utilization within the height limits; and

    The Board of Education requests that housing for educators be considered for potential inclusion as part of the development on Parcel 14; and

   The Board of Education requests that the Superintendent consider whether the school community be started and formed at another site, before final permanent school facility is complete.

Excerpt from the DRAFT SFUSD resolution Authored by Commissioner Matt Haney and Commissioner Hydra Mendoza-McDonnell.